Cargo Van/Sprinter Services

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Cargo Van/Sprinter Services

If you need to deliver something small, like boxes, or fragile items that need special care, or anything up to 4 standard pallets, don’t worry, we have cargo van/sprinter services available.

Expedited/hot shot

No matter what type of package delivery that may seem impossible, Andrey’s Delivery Express will put it’s resources into action to expedite your delivery. Our professional couriers and delivery staff specialize in solving problems by providing reliable deliveries for our customers. If you need something delivered then call us and we are on the way.

On demand

If you need something delivered right away, Andrey’s Delivery Express offers our popular and high efficient on demand delivery service.

Same day

When time is critical, you often can’t wait on traditional courier services to handle your deliveries in time. In these situations, there is Same Day Delivery services offered. We’ll ensure a quick pick up at the location of your choice and get your delivery to its destination with speed and ease.


If you want the same on-time delivery service, but just need it done by tomorrow? We can handle all of your express delivery needs with local, overnight service.


For many organizations it is a hassle to attract, hire, train and manage full time drivers. If a driver is sick or quits, not only do you have to start over again but you have to immediately find some way of handling the required deliveries. As delivery professionals, Andrey’s Delivery Express r can offer you an easy solution by providing you with a well trained, qualified driver by the day, week or month.

Scheduled route

We created this service to fit the needs of customers who have daily or weekly drop-offs. If you know specific deliveries need to happen each day or week, this service is for you. Add ease to your day, week, month or year, try our scheduled delivery and save yourself time, money and headache.

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